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Understand the principles of choice of casting method

Release time:2019-11-28 16:11:10 

There are many casting methods for casting profiles, but there are also principles to follow.
1. Prefer sand casting
According to statistics, 60-70% of the total casting output is produced in sand mold, about 70% is produced in clay sand mold, either in China or internationally. The main reasons are that sand casting is cheaper than other casting methods, the production process is simple and the production cycle is short. Therefore, castings such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, and crankshafts of automobile engines are manufactured using the clay wet sand process. If wet molds do not meet your requirements, consider using dry sand molds, dry sand molds, or other sand molds on clay sand surfaces. Clay wet castings weigh from several kilograms to tens of kilograms, and dry clay castings weigh several tens of tons.
2. Casting method must be compatible with production batch
For example, sand casting and mass production plants need to create conditions for adopting technologically advanced modeling and core creation methods. Older shock or pressure molding machine production lines are not productive, have high labor intensity, are noisy, and are not suitable for mass production, so they must be gradually modified. For small castings, horizontal or vertical parting can be used without the production line of a box high-pressure molding machine, resulting in high production efficiency of solid molding and a small floor area. For intermediate piece, various boxed high pressure molding machine production line, gas high speed and high precision molding production line to meet the requirements of high-precision molding production line Core creation methods: cold core box, hot core box, shell core Choose from other efficient core creation methods.
3. Modeling method must be adapted to factory conditions
For example, the same is used to make castings for large machine tool beds, and instead of creating patterns and flasks, the core forming method is used where the core is formed into pits. Other factories use the sandbox molding method to create patterns. Different companies have different production conditions (equipment, site, staff quality, etc.), production habits, and accumulated experience. Based on these conditions, you need to consider which products are appropriate and which are not (or not) appropriate
        Four. Casting accuracy requirements and costs must be considered
鋳 造 Casting accuracy obtained by various casting methods is different, and initial investment and productivity are not constant. In order to determine a casting method that has high economic benefits and guarantees the casting requirements, it is necessary to estimate the preliminary cost of the chosen casting method.

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