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  • How to solve common casting problems?
    Castings produced with horizontal continuous casting equipment completely solve the difficult problems of sand casting.
  • Cast iron welding repair of cast iron profiles
    The annual output of various cast irons in China is about 8 million tons. Castings with various casting defects account for about 10% to 15% of the annual output of cast iron, which is commonly known as the scrap rate of 10% to 15%.
  • Cast iron profiles teach you how to distinguish between ball iron bars
    In order to avoid the purchase of gray iron bars and ball iron bars, HEBEI KC cast iron profiles teach you to distinguish between ball iron bars and gray iron bars.
  • Process characteristics of gray cast iron profiles
    A grey cast iron profile is a general term for alloys consisting mainly of iron, carbon, and silicon. In these alloys, the carbon content exceeds the amount retained in the austenite solid solution at the eutectic temperature.
  • Factors affecting the graphitization of cast iron?
    The formation of graphite in cast iron is called the graphitization process. The basic process of formation of cast iron is the formation of graphite in cast iron. Therefore, understanding the conditions and influencing factors of the graphitization process is very important for mastering the micros...
  • Talking about the wide use of ductile iron profiles
    Ductile iron profiles effectively improve the mechanical properties of cast iron, in particular the plasticity and toughness, resulting in higher strength than carbon steel.
  • Cast aluminum manufacturers
    Cast aluminum is a specific metal that has gone through one of the several processes known as casting. Essentially, it is created when methods such as die casting, mold casting, or sand casting are used to temper the aluminum for use in creating components for many different types of products.
  • Grey iron castings for sale
    Grey iron castings lend durability, hardness and strength to any operation for which they are used. The applications of gray iron castings are many.
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