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  • Aluminum Die casting parts manufacturers
    Our factory supply OEM service(custom service) in precision investment casting,which are also called lost wax casting, We have been committed to this technique for over 10 years .
  • Detailed summary of process characteristics of stainless steel casting
    Stainless steel precision casting In order to effectively prevent its cast steel from producing defects such as insufficient casting, shrinkage, shrinkage, cold insulation, cracks, and sticky sand, it is necessary to take more complicated technological measures than cast iron in the process of use.
  • What are the basic characteristics of cast iron profiles?
    The cast iron profile completely eliminates defects such as pores, trachoma, slag inclusions, cracks and cracks that existed in conventional cast iron products. Cast iron profiles have excellent strength, density, tension, decompression and wear resistance.
  • Stamping and drawing parts manufacturers
    Stamping is a general term that encompasses a broad range of metal forming capabilities and industrial uses.Parts produced by metal stamping can range from 0.25 inches in diameter or smaller, to very large aircraft, automotive and appliance parts.
  • deep drawing parts manufacturers
    Design and manufacture various metal products such as metal stamping parts, deep drawing parts, sheet metal parts, die casting parts and other mechanical parts. These parts we produce are for washer, dryer, vehicle, kitchen equipment, engineering machinery and bicycle...etc.We also have plastic inje...
  • Metal Stampings manufacturers
    We use different type of stamping machine (cover from hand to precision punch)to produce metal stamping and pressing. According to customer's order quantity,we offer the most cost-effective way to your project, we can use laser cutting,Single-shot or continuous progressive die automated production. ...
  • Stainless steel pipe joint manufacturers
    we are Stainless steel pipe joint manufacturers,If you want to buy Stainless steel pipe joint,pls contact
  • Understand the principles of choice of casting method
    According to statistics, 60-70% of the total casting output is produced in sand mold, about 70% is produced in clay sand mold, either in China or internationally.
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