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Stamping and drawing parts for sale

Release time:2020-05-12 15:07:17 

The deep drawing can be divided into constant thin drawing and thinning drawing. The former has deepened the formed parts, and the wall thickness of each part is basically unchanged compared with the blank before drawing; the latter has a significant change in wall thickness compared with the blank before drawing. Thin, this thinning is required by the product, and the parts are characterized by thick bottom and thin wall. In actual production, the application is more than constant thin drawing. This chapter introduces the constant thin drawing process and mold design. The mold used for drawing is called a deep drawing die. The deep drawing die structure is relatively simple. Compared with the punching die, the working part has a large rounded corner, and the surface quality is high, and the convex and concave die gap is slightly larger than the thickness of the sheet material.
the Deep drawing parts made by custom tooling and die to form flat sheet metal into the box- or cup-like structures. Deep drawing parts are mostly used for the case, the enclosure of the products such as cooking, containers, sinks and automobile parts such as panels and gas tanks.

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