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Heat treatment of steel castings

Release time:2020-04-23 15:39:32 

Cast steel parts are cast steel. Similar to cast iron, but stronger than cast iron.Cast steel parts should be used after heat treatment. As-cast steel castings have casting defects such as porosity, cracks, shrink holes, shrinkage, coarse particles, non-uniform structure, residual internal stress, etc.which significantly increases the strength of the steel casting, especially plasticity and toughness. It drops. Steel castings need to be normalized or annealed to refine the grains, homogenize the structure and eliminate internal stress. Normalized steel has higher mechanical properties and lower cost than annealed steel, which increases its application. However, normalizing treatment has a higher internal stress than annealing, and is suitable only for steel castings with a carbon content of less than 0.35%. Low-carbon cast steel has good plasticity and is unlikely to crack during cooling.
Steel castings must be tempered at high temperature after normalization to reduce internal stresses. For cast steel parts with a carbon content of 0.35% or more and having a complex structure and cracking, only the annealing process can be performed. Do not quench steel castings. It will crack easily if it is not cooled rapidly.

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