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How to protect and repair butterfly valves?

Release time:2020-04-21 15:49:38 

In order to ensure the safety of people and prevent accidents, it is necessary to detect whether the machine is operating normally and to protect and repair the machine, so it is essential to protect and repair the machine.
Because accidents usually occur if you are not careful, it is essential to protect the hydraulic drive equipment of the butterfly valve in your daily life. The main aspects of restoration are:
1. After the butterfly valve hydraulic equipment is completed, add specific oil to the equipment according to the instructions. Fresh oil is filtered before it is added to the tank.
2. It is necessary to recognize whether the motor rotating direction is correct during the initial operation.
3. After the initial operation, set the pressure in the accumulator to nitrogen and do not use oxygen. It is easy to explode.
4. Always check that each part of the machine is normal and not damaged, and if there is any abnormality, replace it in a short time to prevent an accident.
5. If any problems such as bright indicators or oil leaks occur, check them as soon as possible, and if any, repair them immediately.
If something goes wrong, you need to fix it in time, and the repair should note the following:
1. If the hydraulic drive of the butterfly valve is out of order, find a repair person, find the failure in time, and repair it.
2. When replacing equipment parts, it is necessary to drain the accumulator oil first to avoid accidents.
3. When replacing electrical parts, close the power supply in time to prevent electric shock.
4.When repairing, it is necessary to check whether the strength and hardness of the screw have reached the manufacturer's requirements.

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