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Cast iron castings must be cast at low temperatures

Release time:2020-04-15 15:54:06 

Cast iron castings are hygroscopic materials that easily absorb moisture in the atmospheric environment. During extrusion, this material often undergoes hydrolysis, severely affecting the mechanical properties of the extrudate. Therefore, in the conventional extrusion process, a corresponding dryer is added to dry the material. This process often consumes a lot of energy. Generally speaking, the energy consumption of dry raw materials accounts for about 40% of the total energy consumption in the whole extrusion process of pig iron casting.
The lower casting temperature of pig iron castings reduces gas solubility, liquid shrinkage of molten metal, and baking of hot molten metal at the cavity surface, avoiding defects such as air holes, sticky sand and shrink holes. Therefore, make sure to use a lower injection temperature, provided you are sure to fill the mold cavity. The process of pouring molten metal from a ladle into a mold is called pouring. Improper pouring operations can lead to defects such as under-casting, cold partitions, air holes, shrink holes, slag inclusions, and can cause personal injury.

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