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What are the common problems and solutions for stamping stainless stee

Release time:2019-12-26 16:35:10 

Common Factors That Cause Problems in Stamping Stainless Steel Stamped Parts Reasonable arrangement of processes, the use of special stamping and drawing oils, and the selection of reliable raw materials can effectively improve workpiece quality. You.
Common problems and solutions for stamping stainless steel stamped parts:
1.Stainless steel surface scratch
Scratch on the surface of stainless steel stamping is mainly due to relative movement between the workpiece and the mold surface. Under constant pressure, the blank rubs directly against the local surface of the mold. Furthermore, the blank and metal chips are deposited on the mold surface due to the heat of deformation of the blank. There is a scratch on the surface of the work.
2. Wear of stainless stamping die is too fast
The mold gap of stainless steel stamped parts is too small, the alignment of the convex and concave molds is not good, and the mold base and mold guide components and the turret insertion accuracy are insufficient, so the mold wear Will occur. Furthermore, if the same die is continuously punched for a long time, the punch will overheat, causing multiple partial punches such as nibbling, punching angle, and lateral force during shearing, causing the punch to turn sideways, May cause excessive mold wear.
3. Elimination of stainless steel die
Stainless steel stamped parts The sharpness of the cutting edge of the die, the input coefficient of the die, the appropriate clearance of the die, etc. can cause problems with the strip material. In addition, when using a non-dedicated stamping oil, problems such as rubberization and viscosity increase due to oxidation of the oil can also cause peeling.
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