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What are the basic characteristics of cast iron profiles?

Release time:2019-12-16 17:03:20 

The cast iron profile completely eliminates defects such as pores, trachoma, slag inclusions, cracks and cracks that existed in conventional cast iron products. Cast iron profiles have excellent strength, density, tension, decompression and wear resistance.
The surface of the product is smooth, the dimensional accuracy is high, and the machining cost is small. Above all, *** is a remarkable feature that it has excellent mechanical properties due to the combination of high strength, toughness and excellent fatigue resistance.
Features of cast iron profiles Because cast iron profiles do not use conventional molding materials such as sand molds or coatings, continuous cast profiles do not cause defects due to sand casting. When water-cooled graphite and casting are solidified, it is connected to a large amount of molten iron in the holding furnace, and the temperature gradient increases. The shrinkage (loosening) is minimized, the structure is small and dense, and the material is uniform. High material surface and high dimensional accuracy. The profile quality is stable and not easy to vary. Profiles vary in size and you can create profiles with different materials, shapes, and sizes.

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