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Product Description: Motor shell castings are not a very complete cylinder. There are many adjunct structures such as bulging laps on the cylinder. The wall thickness of each part of the castings varies greatly. The stress of the castings during cooling and solidification is also relatively large. The deformation tendency of the castings can not be accurately predicted before.

Lost Foam Casting (EPC) of motor shell is a new casting method with precise forming. It is a relatively advanced casting technology. The castings produced by EPC have no burrs and the approximate error of the size of the castings is zero. Unlike the traditional sand moulding process, this process produces a lot of burrs. More importantly, the appearance of the castings is finer and cleaner than that of ordinary casting, which greatly saves the time and cost of manual grinding. The expansion of this process has brought great development space for foundry enterprises.

Advantages of EPC: Casting quality is better than common sand casting

Disadvantage of EPC: Stricter technology than sand casting

Product Name: Pump Accessories

Material: gray iron, ductile iron, steel

Size: It can be produced according to the drawings.

Processing: According to Drawing Requirements

Packaging: According to the specific requirements of customers

Molding process: low pressure casting

Surface treatment: shot blasting and sand blasting

Casting Tolerance: 0.1-0.5

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